About The Crew: Sally Northrop

by Fat - A Film


Aside from the cast members who are flying out to the Fat set from California, Sally Northrop wins for the longest commute to set!  Driving from the Maine Seacoast to join the Fat crew in the Boston area, Sally brings with her over 20 years of experience in television production.   She has produced shows for ABC, PBS, and The Food Network, among others.

Boston locals (and foodies) will be interested to learn that she also produced Todd English‘s cooking show when he still filmed it in the kitchen at the original Olive’s.  One of my personal favorite shows, Ciao Italia, with Mary Ann Esposito, is another show with Boston flavor where Sally honed her production skills.

Sally’s expertise doesn’t stop at production – it extends to household management as well.  She has a husband, two sons (would you believe from looking at the photo above of the super young and beautiful Sally that they are both over age 10?), a dog, a cat, and seven laying hens that keep her busy when she’s not working on jobs all around the country.  The Fat cast and crew just might be fueled with farm-fresh egg protein this summer!

Sally is a huge fan of Coen Brothers’ movies and inspired members of the crew who have not yet seen it – to catch her favorite, “The Hudsucker Proxy”.  The Northrop family has a tradition of watching it together every New Year’s Eve.  Sounds like a cool tradition to me.

Don’t fret, I have not forgotten to fit Sally into the Cannes Film Festival Intern, NBC Page, Nicaraguan Subversive trifecta.

Sally is the former NBC Page of the bunch!  Am I right, that this is every working stiff / TV / pop culture fan’s dream job?  I know it sounds like heaven to me.  Sally’s time at NBC meant she got to work on Letterman, SNL, and even some early morning news programs, all while juggling her duties with giving tours of the famous 30 Rock NBC Studios.  She even worked with a real-life “Kenneth Parcell“, thus proving that NBC’s page program is a mecca for corn-fed middle-America types.  And far superior to the Congressional page program in every way imaginable.

Though she is certainly no stranger to working in production, Fat is Sally’s first feature film gig.  The crew is so lucky to have her!