About The Crew: Pearl Lung

by Fat - A Film


Emerson College grad Pearl Lung is lending her careful and artistic eye to Fat this summer!  Just one day into filming, and Pearl has already done an admirable job of channeling the psyche of a 30-something depressed, overwhelmed, and defeated man (Fat’s main character, Ken) and helped Mark to create a meticulously slovenly bedroom set.  You’d think she surrounded herself with empty pizza boxes, dirty laundry, and unmade beds every day.

Pearl has a great eye for set decor and art direction – and in addition to writing and directing her own student films at Emerson, she graciously loaned her services as set decorator extraordinaire and producer to the films and projects of her classmates.  A Waltham resident, Pearl is an aficionado of music, art, and films.  Pearl is already sharing her love of UK bands such as Jonquil and Foals with fellow crew members and we can’t wait to pick her brain about other acts she enjoys over the course of production.  One just might find a dance party breaking out in between scenes on the Fat set this summer.   Thanks to Pearl’s skills as a ballroom dancer (Latin dance is her favorite), we might all learn a step or two. 

So, where does Ms. Lung fit in the Fat Film Crew trifecta?  Pearl was an intern at Cannes in 2010 (where a highlight of the screenings she attended was “Blue Valentine”)!  Not only was she an intern, but she had her short film screened as part of the Creative Minds in Cannes project.  Thanks to Chris Stinson and the Boston Film Festival, Pearl’s path crossed with Phinney’s and she made the choice to come on board the Fat crew this summer.  We are so excited to have her on board!