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What Do A Cannes Film Festival Intern, An NBC Page, and A Nicaraguan Subversive Have in Common?


Day One Marker

What do a (former) Cannes Film Festival Intern, a (former) NBC Page, and a (former?) Nicaraguan Subversive have in common?

They’re all part of the Fat film crew!  During day one of filming, I was lucky to sit down with Pearl Lung, Sally Northrup, and Tim Baker to learn a little more about them and what bizarre twists of fate led them to partake in the Fat film production.  

Any guesses who fits what descriptor?  Well, no need to guess – stay plugged into the blog to find out…

I can promise you this – not only are they invaluable parts of the production, but they are hella interesting individuals!


Outfitting The Film: Posters & T-Shirts Sought!



The start of filming is approaching rapidly (in about 3 days!!!!)!  That means it’s pre-production crunch time.  The crunchiest of the crunchy!  Crunchy hippie time.  The fabulous Fat crew is in full on crunch mode — finishing up some final important pieces like wardrobe and set decor.  

As you can tell from the cast and amazing soundtrack bands, we are working hard to infuse the film with as much local Boston-area flavor as possible. 

One of the ways we’re doing this is by loading up the main character Ken‘s bedroom set with local band posters and outfitting the actors in band t-shirts. 

We’ve collected some already (including the sweet ‘FNX shirt pictured above – acquired the night Parlour Bells rocked the We Want the Airwaves show at the Paradise) but the more shirts and posters we get, the more bands and local websites or businesses we can feature on-screen.  Ryan Spaulding and Richard Bouchard, Kings of recognizable Boston band-related and band-website t-shirts know what I’m talking about.  Plus, you’ll be ensuring the film won’t receive an automatic NC-17 MPAA rating due to excessive nudity.

If you can offer a t-shirt or poster or two, your generosity will be rewarded – not only with free advertising – hopefully on the big screen, but I can guarantee you a shout out on this here lil ol blog (or on the FB, Twitter, by having Phinney record the greeting on your home answering machine, and so on and so forth – whathaveyou) as well.

We’re SO HUMBLY GRATEFUL for the support we’ve already received from our friends in and around the city of Boston.  Our Kickstarter just ended and thanks to the generosity of so many friends of the film (and the filmmakers themselves), we reached our goal!  So so so many thanks to all who donated!

If you know of anyone with band / record label / music industry wares who can help with this effort, please share! 

We can use t-shirts of any size as we have a cast of all shapes and sizes but if you want your goods to be sported by the lead actor, XXL will be the way to go.  Posters would rock, too! 

Email us at fatthefilm@gmail.com  –  Or DM us via Twitter @fatthefilm   http://twitter.com/fatthefilm

Someone from the Fat crew can meet up with you wherever’s convenient to pick up your wares, or we’ll give you Phinney’s address – but be careful, he’s likely to answer the door nude and demand a hug.  Yea, we really need those XXL t-shirts, guys…


Fat – A Blog

Fat Film Photo

Just getting this page up and running so all of our incredible supporters, cast, and crew, can have a landing page of sorts to keep track of updates and announcements related to the film.  Thank you for your interest!

WOAH, June was a busy month!  We received tons of support on our Facebook page –  xo!

– We launched a kickstarter to help pay for incidentals during shooting and postproduction:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fat/fat-a-feature-film where you can help the production and get rewarded with various Fat items – CDs, T-Shirts, DVDs, or even a cameo in the movie! 

– And we were written up by Boston Band Crush and Michael J. Epstein & Sophia Cacciola – a big thanks for the love, y’all! 

Time is marching on quickly.  The Fat crew is in the final stages of casting, fundraising, and most importantly – PLANNING – to start shooting in just a few short weeks.

Lots of folks have stepped up to get involved supporting the production.  Let’s be honest, this project would not have been possible without the selfless sharing of talents of SO many amazing actors, musicians, film professionals, local business owners, and people like YOU who have offered your help!

If you’re interested in assisting with the production (filming mid-July through mid-August in and around Boston; post-production ad infinitum thereafter) shoot your contact information and a bit about you to us fatthefilm@gmail.com

If you want us to email you about dates / times we’ll need extras, reach out to us fatthefilm@gmail.com