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Everything you never really wanted to know about Mark Phinney….

Born and bred in Boston, Fat’s writer / director Mark Phinney began his stage acting at Improv Asylum, now Boston’s # 1 comedy theatre. After leaving for New York, Phinney began writing while taking acting classes at HB Studios on Bank St. in the West Village where he penned his first album as well – “Oh Changin’ Times.”

After falling on his face in the big city, Phinney headed back to Boston, sold hot dogs at Fenway Park and then decided to throw himself into the trenches of LA in 1996. He started out as a writer for various MTV and FOX game and talk shows and even a sketch show or two for Keenan Ivory Wayans.

Trained at Improv Olympic, he began his own sketch troupe, For The Kids, in 2002.  For The Kids played the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival back to back years (performing and with a film Phinney co-wrote).  Following the festival, the troupe landed the cover of Variety, a deal for a pilot with WB and top reps.

Mark also booked a good deal of TV and film roles from King of Queens to Tony Scott’s Déjà Vu with Denzel Washington and 2 Days with Paul Rudd (who also appeared in Phinney’s one man show, Fat Broke & Horny). From there, Phinney continued to write and pitch TV and film. In 2008 he sold a sitcom to CBS with Sean Hayes and currently has a feature in development at John Wells Co. Along the way more sketch writing for FOX and Jimmy Kimmel as well as other development projects with the likes of Todd Garner.

Mark was also a part of the hit stage show Mortified as well as other storytelling stage performances including his praised one man show Fat Broke & Horny, the pilot of which garnered much attention from IFC, NBC and was featured at the NY TV Festival in 2009.

Throughout his adventures in New York and LA, Mark has continued to be drawn to his love of writing – working in TV, film and book form.  From the funny to the sad – all of it from his life.

In addition to filming Fat during the summer of 2012 and working the door at various Boston-area music venues, Mark is currently shopping his memoir graphic novel and a book of essays based on his one man and story shows while he continues to write and pitch TV and film. 

Shout out to him at mark.phinney@gmail.com

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